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The Baugher family has been farming for many generations. Chris and wife Marcie knew that moving to organic farming was their calling. In 1984, Chris and Marcie held on to a 40 acre almond orchard with everything they had and started Baugher Ranch Organics the next year. Almost 30 years later, their farm and processing facility in Northern California has become the leading producer of organic almonds. With four generations working together side by side on the farm, ‘organic’ has become a way of life for the Baughers. Today, their daughters Nisha and Rania and son Bradley all live and work on the farm. For them, organic farming and processing is beyond certifications and is really about embodying organic principles. Through cover cropping, water conservation, promoting biodiversity and other practices, they hope to give back to the land and provide something better for future generations. And although the lifestyle has been physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging, at the end of the day, they find it brings tremendous joy and is deeply rewarding.

Nutrition Facts
Valeur nutritive

Serving Size: 1/3 cup (50 g)
Amount per Serving
Teneur par portion
% Daily Value
% valeur quotidienne
Calories / Calories: 320 Fat / Lipide: 29 g44% Saturated / saturés: 2 g9% + Trans / trans: 0 g Cholesterol / Cholestérol: 0 mg Sodium / Sodium: 140 mg6% Carbohydrate / Glucides: 7 g2% Fibre / Fibres: 5 g21% Sugars / Sucres: 2 g Protein / protéines: 11 g
Vitamin A / Vitamine A: 0% Vitamin C / Vitamine C: 0% Calcium / Calcium: 15% Iron / Fer: 8%


Ingredients: Organic almonds and organic wheat-free tamari (water, organic soybeans, salt, organic alcohol). Product Status: Certified Organic Organic Certifying Body: Pro-Cert Country of Origin: USA Warning: Contains soy and tree nuts.

Almond Ravioli Recipe

2 egg yolks
1 Tbl water
1 ½ Tbl white wine
4 tsp olive oil
1 ¼ C all-purpose flour
1/2 lb tamari roasted almonds
1/4 C candied orange peel, chopped
3 Tbl toasted almonds, chopped
2 ½ Tbl grated bittersweet chocolate
1 ½ Tbl amaretto liqueur
1 ½ tsp pure vanilla extract
4 tsp honey
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
Oil for deep frying
Powdered sugar for garnish


1. Whisk together egg yolks, water, wine, and olive oil.
2. Sift flour onto a clean workspace and make a well in the centre.
3. Pour the liquid into the centre and begin working the flour inward from the sides until you have dough. Knead the dough until smooth. Cover, and set aside.
1. Combine the almonds, candied orange, almonds, chocolate, amaretto, vanilla, honey, and cinnamon until well-blended.
2. Roll pastry dough in a rectangle to 1/8-inch thickness. Cut 3-inch circles and place 1 tablespoon of filling on each. Fold over and press edges to seal.
3. Deep-fry in hot oil until golden and drain on paper towels. Let cool slightly and dust with powdered sugar.


Although our almonds are from California, almonds are originally from West Asia and the Mediterranean Middle East, and were eventually brought to California by Franciscan monks from Spain. Almonds are rich in protein, healthy unsaturated fats, vitamin E, magnesium, and some B vitamins. Tamari is particular type of soy sauce that contains no wheat, while most soy sauce mixtures are made of around 50% wheat.


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