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We are committed to a triple bottom line philosophy (people, planet and prosperity), and incorporate sustainability into everything we do. It is deeply embedded in our products, our culture and the way we do business. We believe in reaching beyond the boundaries of our company to influence not only what people eat, but the way they think and act. It is built into the very core of our business through our company’s vision and mission statements.

We believe that businesses are an integral part of society, and that they have the responsibility to lead the way to a more positive and sustainable future. Left Coast Naturals is the type of business where employees thrive and the community and the environment are top of mind in all of our decisions. Among many things, we are mindful of the type of suppliers we do business with, the type materials we source, the water and energy we use, and the transportation choices we make.

We believe that business should be fun, fair and profitable. Money is not an end point. It’s the fuel to make a positive lasting change in our community, our environment and our employees. We believe it’s possible to honor the human spirit and respect the natural world while creating a financially viable business. The fact that we are privately owned and operated gives us the power to take a long term approach to business and make decisions that are right for a sustainable future. We take a holistic view of business and believe if we do the right thing success will follow.

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