Fruit d'Or - Organic Cranberries

Fruit d'Or - Organic Cranberries

Fruit d’Or is a leading supplier of organic berries, but remembers its small town roots in organic farming. Its founders, Martin Le Moine and Marcel Pilotte, started Canada’s first organic cranberry farm in 1993. They helped pioneer organics in Canada by working with ECOCERT and other groups to build organic certifications.

With no market for organic cranberries at the time, they switched their focus to processing. By making a variety of berry products, from dried fruits to juices, they could make organic options more available for the public. Today they work with over 25 growers and specialize in organic cherries, blueberries, and cranberries. As the company grows, they aim to never lose sight of their sustainable principles. They’re always reminded of this during weeding season. Although it isn’t pleasant to remove weeds manually when it’s cold, wet, dark, and muddy, it’s worth skipping the use of quick-fix chemicals.

What started as a small farm has become much more. Fruit d’Or supports their community by participating in more than 100 sporting and cultural events. They’ve even had their cranberries launched into space with astronaut Chris Hadfield!

Fruit d’Or is dedicated to keeping the highest quality and organic standards. With their growth, they hope to continue to make organic foods more accessible. To learn more about Fruit d’Or, visit their website.



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