Tid Bits Imports. - Organic Tropical Fruits

Tid Bits Imports - Organic Tropical Fruits

For the past 27 years, Tid Bits Imports has partnered with organic farmers across Mexico to curate tropical fruits. They specialize in dried mango, pineapple, banana, papaya and jackfruit, working with hundreds of organic producers with land spanning over 700 hectares.

Tim Schumacher started the company wanting to do something he could be proud of. He wanted to create a great product that was healthy and didn’t harm the planet. For Tim, choosing organic was instinctually the right thing to do, believing “it becomes a lifestyle that is positive for the whole planet, your family, and your own person.”

The company continues to grow but its founders have not lost sight of their commitment to benefit the communities they partner with in Mexico. They are involved in building local cultural centres, improving community recreational facilities, and repairing a town’s storm-damaged drainage system. They are especially passionate about providing annual scholarships for youth to attend university, and about creating a fund to make medical care accessible for their workers. Everything, from using approved organic farming methods to supporting communities, is part of Tid Bits’ vision to maintain the planet for a better future.



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