Tradin - Organic Chia

Tradin - Organic Chia

Tradin's organic chia growers are from a collection of independent co-ops and farms. They are located in different regions across southern Paraguay and northern Argentina. The growers have been working with Tradin for the past 8 years. They specialize in chia but also grow a variety of other crops such as sesame, peanuts, beans, amaranth, quinoa, soy and herbs. They use organic practices such as manual cleaning, crop rotation, cover crops, and batch traceability. As well, the farmers undergo periodic organic farming training and regular inspections. Tradin has helped encourage farmers to plant alternative crops and use organic, chemical-free practices to promote a better lifestyle for small farmers. The transition to organic farming has helped increase organic product sales out of these regions, create high efficiency processing techniques, and promoted a better understanding of growing organically year round. Organic farming has enabled the chia growers to uniquely identify with and understand the region. This has helped increase their quality of life as well as lower the environmental impact of their operations. 

To learn more about their chia, visit the Tradin website.



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