Tradin - Organic Mulberries

Tradin - Organic Mulberries

Their organic mulberries are grown in western Turkey. They can be found on the large, white, deciduous mulberry trees native to the area. When harvested, the berries are laid out in the sun to dry naturally and have no additives or sweeteners. The smallholder farmers in the area also specialize in organic raisins, apricots, figs and other various fruits and nuts.

Tradin has partnered with organic producers that know organic farming is healthier for themselves and for consumers. They are committed to organic because it is environmentally friendly, fosters biodiversity, and provides work opportunities and better incomes for the villagers of the area. For the farmers, it feels good to know that they are providing people with food that is organic. As well, working with the soil, plants, and nature helps them to feel that they are a part of it. By adhering to organic farming methods, that avoid pollution and work to achieve a natural balance, they have been able to preserve the region’s biodiversity, respecting the lifecycles of its organisms, insects, butterflies, and birds. They choose organic agriculture because, unlike conventional methods, it considers the future as it works towards sustainability.

To learn more about their mulberries, visit the Tradin website.



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