Tradin - Organic Quinoa

Tradin - Organic Quinoa

Tradin brings together 200 farmers in 40 different communities in southern Bolivia, having forged partnerships with organic farmers for the past 10 years. The quinoa is grown in rotation systems in plots which go fallow for a break of two to three agricultural seasons, and is the only crop grown in these plots. Organic practices they incorporate are use of compost from local vegetable and animal waste, being chemical-free, and promoting a balanced ecosystem by supporting biodiversity.

Growing foods organically is important to the farmers because they feel they are producing a healthy product, being environmentally responsible, and protecting the quinoa supply and availability for consumers. The decision to transition to organic agriculture was supported by the community as a whole as they had the vision to preserve the environment, natural resources, and to increase economic sustainability for future generations. The farming families say they have received higher incomes and especially take pride in working in harmony with the environment and ensuring the future of their farm lands.

To learn more about their quinoa, visit the Tradin website.



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